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The M-10T Tower

“Evolution in performance can only occur when the near impossible is attempted…”

For a performance-obsessed loudspeaker designer like Phil Jones no statement has ever held such truth.

It is this belief which led Phil Jones and the engineering team at AAD to push the technological limits of what can be done and embrace a near impossible task: To create an affordable loudspeaker capable of tremendous bandwidth and massive dynamic scope in a large environment. This ability is essential for reproduction of today’s high-definition digital movie soundtracks but it was absolutely critical it achieve this goal “without” betraying the ability to extract fine details and nuances equally critical for audiophile quality music playback. …For a company like AAD this was the easy part.
The near impossible task was the speaker also had to be capable of achieving this lofty sonic criteria using “real world” electronics instead of requiring exotic or massive amplification.

Maximizing on the strengths and technologies of our highly praised and award winning M-series line, the new M-10T tower takes affordable performance to completely new level…
Utilizing three proprietary 5” M-drive units, the M-10T reproduces midrange and mid-bass tones with a “spine tingling” sense clarity and effortlessness, even when at extremely high SPL levels, critical to producing voices as well as neutral instrumentation without fatigue even after many hours of listening. High frequency information is handled with equal care and precision by our 1” RDT (Ring Diffraction Transducer) for sonic reproduction out to 40kHz necessary for restoration spatial cues, which gives the listener the sense of being “at the event” instead of merely playing it back at home.

Accurate, deep low frequency reproduction is the cornerstone of a well-engineered full-range loudspeaker. If creation of this musical “foundation” is not implemented properly it becomes a flaw that will have a negative impact the “entire” signal spectrum.
In order to produce deep bass many loudspeakers companies employ large diameter woofers or hop on the trend of using “internally” powered woofers etc. However, there are caveats to both these designs that simply outweigh the benefits when applied in an economically oriented loudspeaker.

A large woofer can reproduce bass. However, the negative side of such “bass above all” designs is that the bass driver can use up to “80%” of the receiver’s power reserve to do so, effectively “starving” the midrange and high frequency drivers of needed power resulting in muffled midrange and upper frequencies.
The trend of using an internally-powered woofer gets around the immediate issue, but drastically decreases long-term reliability as well as sonic integration since most of these “hybrid” designs utilize heavily downscaled internal amplifiers that, while great at generating big numbers-and fancy acronyms-are simply sub par when compared to the amplification section of virtually any well designed “mid priced” receiver on the market today.

This approach tends to result in incoherent sound reproduction between the loudspeakers “powered” bass section and receiver-driven mid/upper frequency section reminiscent of a band playing with half the instruments out of tune.

So how did AAD plan to eliminate such an enigmatic problem when setting out to design a reference-level loudspeaker for use with “normal” amplification? The answer lye in a “high performance” technology Phil Jones and AAD have been employing for many years in our flagship $12,500.00 7001i Reference monitor.

The M-10T’s three 5” drive units are coupled/loaded to energize the newly designed 10” low frequency “pneumatic” transducer which has been precisely tuned to work in perfect balance with the M-10T’s 5” drive units and internal enclosure volume for maximum performance and coherency. Unlike a traditional woofer, the M-10T’s pneumatic transducer is controlled by the energy or “pressure” generated from the three 5” drive units therefore it requires “no” amplifier power itself. Recessed near the base of the M-10T’s cabinet for proper loading, the 10” transducer has a linear excursion of nearly 2” giving the M-10T the ability to produce incredibly smooth, deep and explosive bass effects down to an astonishing 26Hz (+/-3db anechoic) without requiring exotic electronics or high-power amplification. The M-10T utilizes a fully sealed enclosure for very tight, fast and articulate bass response while allowing for close proximity placement to back walls without the worry of room induced booming and bass coloration-this low frequency technology is also employed in the M-10T’s smaller sibling, the M-8T.

As is standard with any M series tower the M-10T offers bi-wire/bi-amp connections for maximizing performance and is offered three standard (Cherry, Rosewood, Black) finishes.
Specifications for this product:

Type2.5-way Floorstanding Loudspeaker
Impedance4 ohm
Frequency Response25-40KHz +/-3dB
Bass Principle10" Pnuematic
SpeakersHF:1x Concentric Ring Radiating Tweeter
LF:3x5 inch Composite Cone Woofer
Bass Loading:1x10 inch Pneumatic LF transducer
Net Weight50lbs
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