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Art. And Science.

Silver Reference reflects beauty and brilliance.

The Silver Reference 7 is the flagship of the Silver Reference Series. Its sculpted beauty exudes an inner confidence perfect for larger listening environments.

Three proprietary 5” Kevlar/Carbon Fiber drive units and our revolutionary Helical Conductive Tweeter (HCT) provide breathtaking clarity, presence and articulation. Each drive unit is recess-mounted into a thick MDF front baffle while the enclosure is precisely dampened and braced at its resonance points removing any unwanted vibrations or resonant-causing coloration or masking. Adjustable spikes and 180-degree rotational base reinforce the artistic brilliance of the Silver Reference 7.

“Blows away any speaker we put next to it.”- Phil Jones Pure Sound Retailer

Specifications for this product:

Type2.5-way Floorstanding Loudspeaker
Impedance4 ohm
Frequency Response30Hz-40KHz +/-2dB
Bass PrincipleBass Reflex
Size48.2x7.6x14.2 inch
SpeakersHF:Helical Conductive Transducer Tweeter
LF:3x5.25 inch HoneycomB Cone Woofer
Net Weight64 lbs
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I’m sold on Phil Jones’s belief in the virtues of using multiple small mid/woofers to produce not merely enough but voluminous low-end output. This, married to a clean, open midrange and an extended top end, makes the Phil Jones Pure Sound Silver Reference 7 a well-designed, superb-sounding loudspeaker that will no doubt win the attention of audiophiles looking for a reference speaker in the area of $5000/pair. The pair of them sounded very full in my room, where they produced such an expansive soundstage that it was clear that their full potential would probably be realized only in a larger room. In the right room, with good (or great) electronics, the Silver Reference 7s could easily lay the foundation for a high quality of sound that would provide many years of listening pleasure. . . . Philip Beaudette
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