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Some of the world’s top bassists use our pro bass gear.

We practically wrote the book on low-end sound. No kidding.

Our fearless leader, Phil Jones built his own subwoofers for live sound back in the early 80s, before subwoofers even existed. As a professional sound designer, engineer and bass player, Phil knows a thing or two about deep frequencies.

Whether music or movies, sound engineers put a lot of effort in the details - particularly, in the low-end which most people miss. Subwoofers are not created equal, and many simply deliver quantity…not precise, detailed, articulate Pure Sound - the way it was intended to be heard.

“Our leading retail partner sells more M-10S than any other subwoofer. Its performance completely belies its price.” - Eric Sharpe, Phil Jones Pure Sound

Specifications for this product:

TypeActive Subwoofer
Frequency Response30Hz-200Hz +/- 3dB
Bass PrincipleBass Reflex
Size16.9X12.6X13.8 inch
Poweroutput110w Class A/B
Speakers1x10 inch Composite Cone Woofer
Net Weight40 lbs
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Home Theater - Aug 2007 - (Click here)

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