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Big Sonic Shadow. Small Footprint.

Great for use anywhere, in any configuration.

The M-5X is the mini monitor that could…and does. Perfect in any audio or surround sound system where premium sound is desired but when budget and space are at a premium.

There is one thing missing on the M-5X: a vented enclosure. To avoid boominess and unwanted vibrations, we opted for a sealed enclosure so that the M-5X can be used in tight spaces like on or near the wall, in corners or on bookshelves. Pre-attached wall mounts make it simple to install...a screw and screwdriver are the only things required. Oh, and the desire for Pure Sound.

“The M-5C, like all M Series products was designed from the ground-up for the utmost in performance and utility-without the high price.” - Eric Sharpe, Phil Jones Pure Sound

Specifications for this product:

Type2-way Rear Surround Loudspeaker
Impedance6 ohm
Frequency Response70Hz-40KHz +/-3dB
Bass PrincipleSuspension
Size11.2x6.8x6.8 inch
SpeakersHF:1x Concentric Ring Radiating Tweeter
LF:1x5 inch Composite Cone Woofer
Net Weight9 lbs
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