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Live sound has never sounded better.

Today’s audience demand more than it has ever been expected before, thanks to the ever evolving consumer products at affordable prices. Can you imagine going to a movie theater with bad sound? Shouldn’t the standard be the same for clubs and everywhere else where sound is a major factor in entertainment?
The LS and W series address this concern. They not only provide more than adequate sound level across the whole audio spectrum, but when you actually hear these systems for the first time, you will be simply amazed that sound can be so good and so addictive.
The LS and W series are superb performers in just about all sound applications from cinemas, clubs to places of worship. Go and listen to other live sound systems and then audition either the LS or W series and you will then discover the difference.
Bottom line is whether you have a band, club, or cinema or worship hall, a good sound system is a wise investment. Having a great sound system could be the first step to make the success you deserve.

I’ve installed every size PA, in every configuration by every brand over the last 20 years…these PA Systems are the best I’ve ever heard.” – Veteran Professional Sound Contractor


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