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Unreal audio. For the rest of us.

The M Series home theatre system rivals those at twice the price.

It’s easy to design a high-performance audio system without financial constraints. Let’s face it, money solves a lot of problems. But if you’re short on big cash for some sweet audio, what about an amazing sounding system for the more budget-minded? That was the challenge we set before ourselves. The result? The M Series. High performance within reason.

The M Series boasts features not found in even significantly higher priced systems: overbuilt drivers, quality crossover components, bi-ampable inputs and our new Concentric Ring Radiating Tweeter...absolutely unheard of at this price point.

“I’ve been in hi-fi for 20 years and came to AAD because of its vision of absolute performance but at realistic price points. Pristine audio is great but it’s even better when more people can afford it. The M Series exemplifies that vision.”- Eric Sharp


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