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Taking its place a the top of the new Cx range, the Cx-880 loudspeaker will convey extremely impressive and powerful performance in a very large room yet with a total sense of grace and ease. Employing two extremely powerful proprietary 8” woofers in its extremely thick 25mm front baffle, the Cx-880 is capable of producing incredibly robust deep notes with absolute precision and clarity. The new Cx-880 woofers utilize straight-sided concentrically reinforced diaphragms to ensure total piston-like behavior under the most demanding passages of music and film soundtracks. Since AAD manufactures its own drivers and technology in house we don’t have to rely mixing and matching-or the typical guesswork-when it comes to our drivers. Hence the Cx-880’s powerful low frequency performance does not come at the sacrifice of delicate musical nuance and balance as the Cx series’ new proprietary 5.25” Fiber-Composite midrange driver offers a vast improvement over the original C series model and handles midrange performance with an amazing sense of openness and ease. To further maximize performance, the Cx midrange driver is internally isolated in the Cx-880’s enclosure to eliminate unwanted energy from being stored resulting in breathtakingly transparent performance in this most critical of areas. Seamlessly mating the Cx series’ impressive sonic performance altogether, a newly designed soft dome tweeter handles the Cx series’ delicate highs. Utilizing advanced materials, the Cx tweeter diaphragm is formed from an extremely lightweight treated Fabric-Composite material of our own design, allowing for incredibly low mass yet with the rigidity of the best metal domes under extreme acceleration for accurate high-frequency reproduction without becoming fatiguing. Charged with controlling the impressive loudspeaker technology of the Cx-880, its precisely tuned crossover is the result of countless hours of listening and utilizes the finest parts for its task to ensure correct tonal balance and seamless musical performance which will amaze even the most critical of listener and will extract the fine details from any program material put to it.
Specifications for this product:

Type3-way Floorstanding Loudspeaker
Impedance4 ohm
Frequency Response25Hz - 20KHz
Bass PrincipleBass Reflex
Size49.4x10x14.4 inch
Speakers1 x 1" Silk Dome Tweeter, 1 x 5" Mid-range, 2 x 8" Woofer
Net Weight31.2Kg (68.8Lbs)
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