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Omni 10.3 Subwoofer

Todays movie and multi-channel music recordings push the envelope like never before.
Unfortunately, many so called "subwoofers" available simply are not up to the challenge-hence the ear numbing sea of one-note "boom box" drone subwoofers which initially impress the novice listener but ultimately start to fall flat when presented with a truly complex low frequency signal.

The Omni 10.3 is designed for the most demanding home theater-or professional recording-environment where "accurate" low frequency pressurization and reinforcement is critical.

The Omni 10.3 utilizes an extrmemely poweful custom built heavy duty 10" active drive unit with a near 2" linear excursion which is coupled to twin 10" Pnuematic transducers. The result of this loading principle is a relatively compact sized subwoofer with a low frequency radiating area equivalent to that of a "21 inch" drive-unit capable incredibly fast, deep and accurate sub-bass tones.

Our PJB (Phil Jones Bass) division has become well known for producing some of the "cleanest" bass cabs and amplifiers available and are used by some the the world's finest-and most demanding-musicians. The Omni 10.3 benefits from directly from our professional/studio amplification expertise as well and is powered by our own proprietary studio grade high-current 160w Class A/B amplifier with fully adjustable gain, phase and crossover control for seamless integration into virtually any environment.
Specifications for this product:

ModelOmni 10.3
TypeActive Subwoofer
Frequency Response21Hz-160Hz+/- 3dB
Bass Principle10" Pnuematic
Size16.3x15.6x15 inch
Poweroutput160w Class A/B
SpeakersLF:1x10 inch Aluminum Cone Woofer
Bass Loading: 2x10 inch Pneumatic Low-Frequency Transducer
Net Weight53.6 lbs
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