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A while back a simple yet intriguing question was proposed… “Can we push the M series performance even farther than our highly praised M-5T?”
It would be challenging… Such a speaker would have to offer the same ease of use and flexibility as the M-5T but with an even more spectacular sonic experience. It must also achieve this without losing sight of its affordability like most loudspeaker companies-whether it be the speaker itself or what it takes to drive it. While not an easy task for any loudspeaker company-even AAD-such a thing would be near impossible if one had to rely on outsiders for our technology and materials… we, fortunately, do not.
The question has now been answered…
The new M-8T loudspeaker from AAD realizes the full potential of our M series technology and pushes the performance envelope beyond even its M-5T sibling.
Utilizing the same M series RDT tweeter and driver technology as its M siblings, the M-8T shares the same aesthetic and exact physical “space friendly” footprint as our M-5T but takes its sonic performance one-step well beyond.
Utilizing a design technology derived directly from our “state of the art” AAD 7001i monitor, the M-8T’s twin 5” drive units are coupled with a custom designed 8” low frequency “pneumatic” transducer which has been carefully tuned to work in perfect balance with the M-8T’s twin 5” drive units and internal enclosure volume for maximum performance and coherency. Residing low in the M-8T’s cabinet for proper loading, the transducer has a linear excursion of nearly 2”. This gives the M-8T the ability to produce incredibly smooth, deep and explosive bass effects without requiring fancy high priced electronics or high-power amplification. In addition, and completely different from our M-5T, the M-8T drive units operate in a fully sealed enclosure for very tight, fast and articulate bass response while allowing for close proximity placement to back walls without the worry of room induced booming and bass coloration.
This new design gives the M-8T an ultra-wide linear frequency response of 30Hz to 40kHz-something unprecedented in this price range-and will give the listener an unparalleled music and film experience at an affordability its competitors can only dream of.
The M-8T offers bi-wire/bi-amp connections for maximizing performance and comes three standard (Cherry, Rosewood, Black) finishes.
Specifications for this product:

Type2.5-way Floorstanding Loudspeaker
Impedance6 ohm
Frequency Response30-40KHz +/-3dB
Bass Principle8" Pnuematic
Size40.9x6.8x12.5 inch
SpeakersHF:1x Concentric Ring Radiating Tweeter
LF:2x5 inch Composite Cone Woofer
Bass Loading:1x8 inch Pneumatic LF transducer
Net Weighet 35 lbs
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