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Nearfield Studio Monitor 7000i – “The Finest Two-Way Monitor Ever Built”

You may forget you're not in the mix.

Nearfield monitors are meant to accurately reproduce audio. Not many people know this better than Phil Jones. His monitors are legendary and used by an “A list” of studios, engineers and musicians alike.

No wonder studios like Abbey Road, musicians like Victor Wooten and Grammy-award winning engineers like Don Murray praise Phil Jones’ monitor-building prowess. Hailed by many as the finest two-way monitor ever built, the 7001i reproduces the highest frequencies-to 30kHz, and the lowest lows-down to 25Hz with stunning accuracy and clarity with superb imaging and layering for unprecedented Pure Sound.

“I love my speakers from Phil Jones. They are the only ones I use in both my studio and my home. They are the absolute best and I am very happy to know Phil and share our appreciation of high quality audio sound through his amazing design and execution.” Bob James, Top Jazz Pianist/Composer

Specifications for this product:

Type2-way Monitor Loudspeaker
Impedance8 ohm
Frequency Response25-60KHz +/-2dB
Bass Principle6.5" Pnuematic
Size16.5x9.8x16.5 inch (H x W x D)
SpeakersHF:Horn loaded Neodymium RiBBon Tweeter
LF:5.25 inch Woofer Aluminum Cone, Neodymium motor 50mm Voice Coil
Net Weight77lbs
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Phil Jones has created a set of hi-end speakers that not only look visually alluring, but produce a sound that is rich in bass,especially towards the lower end.
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AAD 7001i
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AAD 7001i
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