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IQ 2.1/5.1 High Performance Compact Music, Film and Media System

The world of compact-or lifestyle-loudspeaker systems has always been somewhat of a paradox… “Create a loudspeaker which offers true-to-life sonic performance, but does so with minimum visual impact respective to the environment in which it is placed.”

Looks Can Kill?
While the genre of compact speaker systems is far from being a new one, the mission of offering the listener a true high-performance compact playback system for their investment
seems to have gotten lost for a vast number of companies. For many loudspeaker companies the thought of utilizing good components and smart innovative engineering to produce
quality products for the listener has been abandoned. Sadly, this void has been filled with cutting every corner possible and marketing tricks—some of which are laughably senseless.
This philosophy shift is clearly evident amidst the near endless sea of flashy, cheaply made plastic-molded loudspeakers clearly designed to look good first and foremost with little or no
thought invested into making it “sound” as good as it looks.

From the very first meeting to outline the parameters for the IQ project Phil Jones and the engineers at AAD knew this was a path our new IQ loudspeaker system would never be allowed to follow. …As a true in-house design and manufacturer of all critical AAD driver, enclosure and component technology we knew we wouldn't have to.

Driver Technology:
The IQ series employs a Mineral-Fiber Composite 3.5" drive unit which is virtually identical to the one created for our LS-Series Vertical Line Array PA systems. The IQ drive unit has an exceptionally large magnet and motor structure for a driver of its size giving it surprisingly high power handling capabilities during dynamic passages and transient attack. The proprietary
Fabric-Composite soft dome tweeter created for the IQ Series is based on the technologies utilized in our larger—and considerably more expensive—Vi models and reproduces crystal clear high frequencies with natural articulation and clarity yet does so without fatigue during long use.

Signal Alignment:
As one of the best and most sought after crossover designers in the world for almost 30 years, Phil Jones certainly knows a poorly engineered crossover is the downfall of many loudspeakers,
including some out there which are hideously expensive. Understanding the importance of a properly designed crossover as well as having the design experience to execute and seamlessly match it to its respective drive units is every bit as much art as it is science. Correct crossover design where the inexperienced loudspeaker designer is generally left in the dust, so to speak, as an experienced designer knows simply using exotic and expensive crossover components alone will never guarantee high performance… IQ model—as well as all AAD loudspeakers—crossover components are tested and matched for tolerance and countless hours of critical listening are spent on this all important phase in design to insure linear impedance and control phase shift anomalies. All IQ model crossover components are mounted on printed PC-boards and all internal
crossover connections are soldered for durability over the lifetime of the loudspeaker.

Enclosure Design:
The use of an injected plastic enclosure was completely ignored due to the well known negative effect such enclosures have on overall sound quality. Instead all IQ series enclosures are hand
built MDF-Medium Density Fiberboard-enclosures which are internally damped and corner braced to keep any resonance and vibration at an absolute minimum. All IQ loudspeakers use durable 5-way binding post and can also easily be wall mounted via a simple drywall screw or a standard Omni-mount wall/ceiling bracket.

So, are you ready to test your IQ?
Specifications for this product:

Type2-way satellite loudspeaker
SpeakersHF:1x Dome Tweeter
LF:1x 3.5 inch Composite Cone woofer
Impedance6 ohm
Frequency Response120-20KHz
Recommended Amp Power10-80W
Size8x4.6x6 (inch) HxWxD
Net Weight5.5 Lbs
Type2-way center channel loudspeaker
SpeakersHF:1x Dome Tweeter
LF:2x 3.5 inch Composite Cone woofer
Impedance4 ohm
Frequency Response100-20KHz
Recommended Amp Power10-100W
Size4.6x12.5x6 (inch) HxWxD
Net Weight8.4 Lbs
TypePowered subwoofer, vented enclosure
Speakers1x 8 inch Composite Cone woofer
Frequency Response40-160Hz
Size14.6x9.8x14.8 (inch) HxWxD
Net Weight28.6 Lbs
Standard Finishes Available in Black or White Semi-Gloss
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